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Awards and Recognition

'Srebrni ceh OZS' (The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia Silver Guild Award)  and 'Zlato priznanje celjskega sejma za inovativnost' (Celje Fair Golden Award for Innovation)

This year we took part in the MOS international trade fair in Celje and exhibited two innovative products for the first time -  MIKrovent , a revolutionary ventilation system, and Energijska okna - modre rešitve (Energy windows – wise solution), both of which improve air and water qualities within enclosed spaces. Both innovations attracted a considerable amount of attention from the general public and professionals, and we were given the award 'SREBRNI CEH' (Silver Guild)  by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and 'ZLATO NAGRADO Celjskega sejma'  (Celje Fair Golden Award)

EFQM – European Business Excellence Award

In October 2009 we were given a prestigious European award - Recognised for Excellence (R4E) by the EFQM European Foundation. This is a major award, only previously given to two other Slovenian companies. This shows that we are a good team, with knowledge and values that we actually practice, and are thus capable of striving for much more. The inclusion of a business excellence model within MIK strategy, and the fact that our employees have embraced it in their everyday lives, ensures long-lasting success when striving towards our set goals within the domestic environment, and gives our company a competitive edge in foreign markets.  

Crisis Provides Opportunity for Us

At times of economic austerity MIK senses an opportunity for new beginnings and innovative approaches to business processes. This is often the time to re-evaluate current strategies and business models, in order to be prepared for any change in circumstances at the end of the crisis. The fact that we have managed to retain our sales volume since 2009, offering additional employment, extending our product range, and receiving the EFQM R4E award, reinforces our wise decisions and set goals.

'Feniks' (Phoenix Award)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded the 5KMC company and their director Nenad Savič with the 'Feniks' award, in recognition of their contribution to strategically reorganising the MIK company. They managed to change MIK from not only a producer of plastic frame windows but also the supplier of a wider range of window systems, doors, and other assorted products. The aim of the MIK company is to provide our customers with products which are the best solutions in terms of investment, energy, and aesthetics (IE2). This formula is the ultimate solution for refurbishments or when installing new glazing within business buildings or private homes.

'Gospodarski oskar' (Oscar for Economic Achievement)

In 2008 MIK Celje was presented with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce award 'Nagrada GZS' for its economic and entrepreneurial achievements. This award has the longest tradition and is highly regarded throughout Slovenia. The Oscar for Economic Achievement 'Gospodarski oskar'  is given to entrepreneurs who have successfully managed their companies for years. The criteria applied by the commission include the general development results of the company together with its business results, and any internationalisation of the company. In addition, the commission also considers the pace and success of the company’s expansion, its vision, clear long-term strategy, own development, and innovations.