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Winter gardens, Glass facades

Enjoy the comfort of your winter garden and save money

A special approach is required for selecting and determining the form of your winter garden. Each MIK winter garden is unique and completely adapted to our customers’ homes and their living habits. The most suitable choice of winter garden location is of crucial importance. The quality of your time spent in it depends on the proper choice of glazing, adequate shading, and the mode of ventilation. Within our range of winter gardens you can choose from among various shapes and colours, constructed from PVC or aluminium systems.

A correctly-positioned quality winter garden is a good investment even in terms of energy consumption. With a properly positioned winter garden and the proper selection of glazing, shading, and ventilation, you can reduce your heating costs by up to 30 percent.

What do you need to know when choosing your winter garden?

  • Appropriate choice of location. Your winter garden should adjoin those spaces you frequent most during the day. A winter garden is an often frequented room, so you should not connect it with a child's room or bedroom.
  • Choosing the right position. Avoid positioning your winter garden on the southern aspect. The space will attract too much heat and you would then need additional cooling. The most suitable location for a winter garden is the south-east or south-west side. You should avoid that part of your house adjacent to the road or a noisier environment. If this is unavoidable you should select high-quality sound insulating glass.
  • Glazing, shading, and ventilation of winter gardens. A properly ventilated and shaded winter garden does not need any air conditioning. It is important to avoid any direct glass exposure to the sun. In order to prevent this it is necessary to choose quality heat-insulating glass and high-quality exterior shades that best prevent any direct penetration of heat into your space. Select an appropriate method of natural or artificial ventilation, depending on the winter garden’s size and the number of people who usually frequent it.
  • Quality installation ensures your winter garden is safe and durable. If you want your winter garden to fulfil your wishes and needs, it should also be properly and professionally installed. We are aware of this fact and this is why MIK pays special attention to installation.
  • Adapting to the architectural design of your home. Consolidating your windows and doors with your home or business premises is of crucial importance for the construction, as it is decisive for the final image of your building. The winter garden layout should be consistent with the architectural design of your house and you should select the proper colour combinations to complete its image. Our systems are available in 12 high-quality and highly resistant acrylic colours, also in an exclusive RAL 9007 silver colour.


How to choose the right winter garden?

Your everyday habits and desires have to be taken into account during the planning phase of your winter garden in order for you to enjoy the benefits of a quality life-style. This is done by blending them into the environmental features of your locality, bearing in mind architectural design and any technical limitations regarding construction.

Our consultants will propose and design the best solution for you, taking into account all existing standards and, regardless of the restrictions and requirements, our solution will improve your living quality. In order to make it easier for you to choose, a 3D visualization of the final image of your home with a winter garden will be prepared on the basis of a photo of your home.