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Your Home At Your Fingertips

A remote control system

Ensuring that everything that goes on in your home happens either according to your plan or at your remote request.

You can shade, ventilate, heat, cool, light and protect your home even when you are away, according to your predefined settings or through a simple click on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The remote control system will alert you to any unplanned or unexpected opening of windows or doors in your home by sending you a message to your phone, tablet or PC, and triggering an alarm. Any uninvited guests will be left empty-handed and your property will be kept safe.

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Upgrade whenever you want

You can start out with a minimum investment and later upgrade the system with additional modules for managing extra lamps, shades, blinds and shutters, thermostats and other devices.

Pre-planned or remotely controlled

Plan your scenarios according to the weather conditions, set an operating schedule or trigger the operation remotely via your phone, tablet or PC.

Manage your system through free mobile apps and Web browsers

You can raise or lower window coverings, open or close doors and windows and activate your MIKrovent ventilation system through any iOS or Android device or your personal computer.

You can decide on the operation of individual appliances in your home in advance by designing settings to respond to the weather conditions and temperature, or you can set an operating schedule, or you can activate operation through your phone, tablet or PC.

Suitable for new and existing buildings

An easy system to use and install and a cost-efficient solution for new and existing developments. Upgrade your system with additional modules gradually and at any time.

Remote control system

System operation and management

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