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Are you afraid of having condensation problems after changing your windows?

What causes condensation problems? Modern windows have become air tighter due to our desire to save energy. However, on the one hand, this ensures minimum heat loss but, yet on the other hand, causes the retention of stale air and moisture within the room. There was almost no condensation build-up in residential premises about 30 years ago, because the windows’ seals were inferior to those of today.

Modern quality windows, compared to previous ones, are much better sealed and thermally insulated. This prevents air blowing through the gaps and reduces the ventilation of rooms. In the past more air was automatically changed within the premises due to inferior window sealing. Today, we ourselves need to take care of this.

Spaces may be aerated in several ways:

  • using natural aeration by opening windows and incurring substantial heat loss, or
  • using forced ventilation, that may have a built-in heat recovery device allowing for air ventilation in an energy efficient manner


MIK quality ventilation systems enable quality ventilation and prevent condensation.

MIK PVC windows offer a solution for eliminating any inconvenience due to dew formation. This is because they can be equipped either with the basic GECCO window ventilation system that automatically ensures optimal air exchange throughout a room, or the innovative MIKrovent ventilation system fitted with a heat recuperator that provides efficient ventilation with minimal energy losses.

With a 100% air exchange and up to 87% heat recovery, MIKrovent® presents the optimum solution for healthy, high quality and energy efficient ventilation of living areas while windows are kept closed.

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