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Save hundreds of Euros per year with MIK Windows

Did you know: With MIK Windows, you can save several hundred Euros each year and tens of thousands in the long run.

High‑quality components and outstanding thermal insulation of MIK windows will save you substantial amounts in on your heating bill and provide you with a high standard of energy- and cost-efficient living.

Below you can see a standard comparison of old wooden windows, average new windows and MIK windows.

Example of Savings with MIK Windows

  • Residential surface: 300 m2
  • Total surface of windows: 60 m2
  • Heating appliance utilisation rate: 75%
  • Price of heating oil: 0.78 €/litre
  • Annual price increase - inflation: 4%


  in comparison to
    old wooden windows    

with MIK windows  

annually in Euro 1,264    


in 25 years in Euro 52,755    



CONSUMPTIONS and COSTS Consumption in average
public facility in Slovenia
Old wooden windows Average new windows Consumption
with MIK windows
Annual consumption of heating oil, litres/m2 16 11 5.6 3.1
Annual consumption of heating oil, in litres 4,800 3,300 1,680 930
Rate of loss attributable to windows 70% in litres*1 3,360 2,310 1,176 651
Yearly heating cost in € 3,744 2,574 1,310.4 725.4
Heating costs over 25 years, in €*2 156,312 107,464.5 54,709.2 30,285.45

*1: With adequate thermal insulation of the building.
*2: Adjusted for 4% annual inflation.
*3: We installed MIK windows at the Primus Hotel in Ptuj. Its energy performance certificate proves the hotel is now ranked Energy Performance Class A.

Do you wish to find out how much you could save?

Contact us and our experts will prepare a detailed calculation of your savings, specifically tailored to you and your flat, house or commercial premises. 

Let us prove that buying MIK windows is the very best investment you could possibly make today.

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