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PVC window colours

When choosing your windows, always consider the final appearance of your home. Blend in the colours of your windows and blinds with the colours of the facade and architectural design. The maintenance of PVC windows is simple and unpretentious, regardless of the selected colour.

For your PVC windows you can choose:

  • glossy and extremely durable acrylic colours,
  • sophisticated wood decors,
  • basic white colour, or
  • special silver acrylic colour, which gives a similar appearance to (metallic) silver aluminium.


Acrylic colours - extremely resistant colours with a 20-year guarantee

PVC windows with acrylic colour coatings are extremely resistant to scratches and dirt, and easy to maintain and clean. We provide a 20 year guarantee for acrylic colour stability. If you want your windows to have all the advantages of PVC windows and at the same time the appearance of aluminium windows, we offer the special RAL 9007 silver colour.

PVC window systems: assurance on quality, durability, and acrylic colour resistance:

  • The acrylic colour mass, added to the basic PVC profile material by means of a separate co-extrusion procedure, provides excellent resistance to damage, different chemical compounds, and cleaning agents.
  • PVC windows, painted with acrylic colours are more resistant to those high temperatures, which usually cause the bending, stretching, and shrinking of windows due to the painted windows’ surfaces reflecting 80% of the sun’s harmful rays.

For details about the advantages, and manufacturing process of acrylic PVC profiles used for our PVC windows, please check the Gealan web page.

Fascinating advantages of acrylic colours:

  • resistance to aggressive weather conditions
  • resistance to abrasions, scratches, and dirt
  • resistance to high temperature (high ability to reflect back the sun's rays)
  • easy maintenance
  • wide selection of colour shades (12 different shades)
  • 100-percent recyclable material - user and environmentally-friendly
  • 20 year guarantee regarding colour endurance.


Standard colors
Nonstandard colors


Complete wood decors

Wood decors give PVC windows the appearance of having wooden frames. They are especially recommended when renovating older houses, as they uphold the architectural design and provide better heat and sound insulation.

Quality PVC windows with the option of wood decor on the exterior and/or interior sides are available in 6 standard wood colours:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Golden Oak


Wood decor interior, coloured exterior

Certain MIC PVC window systems allow you to select different colours for the interior and exterior parts of the window. Combinations of colours and materials are available in the following PVC window systems:

  • Comfort Line
  • Comfort Extra Line
  • Elegance Line
  • Royal Line

Choose your combination:

  • wood decor inside
  • wood decor outside, white inside
  • white outside, wood decor inside
  • acrylic colour outside, white inside
  • acrylic colour outside, wood decor inside


MIK recommendation

There are plenty of choices and several possibilities. If you need advice on deciding which windows to choose for your home, ask our experts! They will be happy to help you.