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MIKrovent heat recovery
A MIKrovent system is suitable for ventilating the room of a surface up to 25 m2, accommodating up to 4 people.

An Innovative Ventilation System for Proper Ventilation Without Heat Loss

Quality of life within a pleasant environment, either at home or at work, depends on several factors, from among which healthy air in rooms is considered to be one of the more important. Windows, apart from their basic function, let light into a room, allowing for natural aeration. Modern windows have become much more airtight because of the desire to save on energy by on the one hand ensuring minimum loss of heat energy but on the other hand causing retention of poor air quality indoors. Therefore, such buildings need to be properly ventilated.

Spaces may be aerated in several ways:

  • by natural aeration, that is by opening windows and causing a big heat loss, or
  • by artificial ventilation, which may have a built-in device for heat recovery and thus enabling air ventilation in an energy-efficient manner.

The most efficient ventilation produces minimal energy losses, which our new MIKrovent ventilation system definitely provides. In addition to the already-established GECCO passive ventilation system, we have developed a new, even more advanced MIKrovent ventilation system that allows ventilation when a window is closed, with minimal heat loss, and 100% air exchange.

Advantages of the  MIKrovent window ventilation system
• enables healthy, high quality and economical ventilation of rooms while windows are closed
• provides up to 68% savings with purchase, installation, operating and maintenance costs in comparison to similar ventilation systems
• 4x lower initial investment costs in comparison to a central ventilation system – the price for MIKrovent starts from 690€/item + VAT
• does not require any additional shafts for air distribution so there is no cleaning or extra electricity costs for distributing air through shafts
• all the characteristics of a closed window (such as protection from burglary, sound and thermal insulation) are retained
• prevents a draft, the infiltration of dust and outdoor noise, the potential for mold or favorable living conditions for mites ...
• it is easy to use and easily adjustable to your needs (automatic or manual control)
• it is possible to connect MIKrovent to a central control system or upgrade it with CO2/VOC and humidity sensors
• with the usage of high quality washable filters (F7, F8) for fresh air, it makes life easier for allergy prone people by preventing the entry of different insects and by cleaning the inlet air
• it is a part of frame extension profile, which makes it very inconspicuous
• ideal for thermal renovation of old buildings and more than suitable for new buildings as well
• can fit to any window size
• ensures that ventilation is in accordance with the EU energy efficiency directive of 1.3.2009
• patented in 52 countries around the world and awarded the Silver Guild from Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia and the Gold Star from International Trade Fair in Celje, Slovenia


How does it work?

MIKrovent allows for air exchange up to 30m3/h and operates on the principle of an equalized air exchange throughout the building, transferring the heat from indoor air to the outdoor air.

It is designed as an integral part of the window to be installed into new or renovated buildings.

It contains two fans for supplying fresh air and discharging exhausted air, together with a recuperator, thus enabling high-efficiency energy savings of between 70 % and 87 %, depending on the flow and temperature conditions.

In addition two filters are built-in:

  • fresh air filter, which can vary in quality from the G4 (standard) to the F8 (for those who have problems with pollen) and
  • exhaust air filter, which prevents clogging of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is made of PVC material and can be washed and recycled.


Mesh-grills for fresh and exhausted air protect inlet openings against insects, with these outlet and inlet openings being practically invisible within the room. They have flaps installed, which can be manually or automatically operated to close the air inlet or outlet.

One MIKrovent® unit is suitable for ventilation of rooms up to 25m2.

One MIKrovent 300® unit is suitable for ventilation of rooms up to 60m2.

MIKrovent  not only emphasizes its global innovation, which is distinguishable by its latest technology and unique mode of operation, but also its possibility of installing above, under, or vertically on the side of the window within the thickness of the window profile.

Due to its advantages and unique properties MIKrovent is suitable for use in:

  • houses,
  • hospitals,
  • elderly peoples’ homes,
  • hotel rooms,
  • offices.


MIKrovent® ventilation system is a world-wide innovation patented in 52 countries around the world and was awarded the Silver Guild from Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia and the Gold Star from International Trade Fair in Celje, Slovenia.

Read more about MIKrovent in our leaflet or call your nearest MIK’s representative. Our specialists will be happy to give you more comprehensive information about our range of ventilation systems.

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