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Installation of windows

The quality installation of windows, whether wooden, PVC, or aluminium, is of crucial importance. Regardless of whether you are replacing old windows or installing new ones, the connection between the frame and the wall must be well sealed to ensure and maintain the heat and sound insulation provided by the windows.


You can trust the window installation to our MIK professionals who are experienced in performing quality work in compliance with all technical requirements, thus ensuring long-term usage of your windows and a 10-year system guarantee.

  • MIK installers will deliver your order on time.
  • The foreman will keep you informed about the procedure and details during installation.
  • The installation team will protect the floor and other directly exposed areas where your windows will be removed/ installed.
  • The installation process begins with positioning the window within the wall opening - determining the right height, depth and angle of window installation using a laser measurement sensor and a spirit level.
  • The next phase will be fixing the frame into the wall opening and sealing it with the selected sealing material. Implementation of this phase will depend on whether you have chosen the traditional installation, ECO installation or MIK RAL installation.
  • You must check the performed work at the moment of completion, together with the foreman. He will explain the proper usage of the installed elements and the basic rules regarding maintenance.
  • Our MIK installers will provide you with the Manual on the usage and maintenance of MIK windows, asking you to contact them should any further questions arise. They will always be happy to help you.

What should quality-installed windows look like?

The quality installation of windows is when a window or any other element is inserted into a wall opening in accordance with all technical procedures and regulations, thus providing energy saving and long-term usage of the windows.

The area between the wall and the window must be properly sealed, with no visible holes or damage to the window frame in order to provide heat and noise prevention by the windows.

The casement needs to be installed without mechanically damaging the casement or the window frame
, there should be no hindrances, and the casement should be correctly positioned to be easily opened and closed.

Handles must be fixed firmly.

MIK tips before, during, and after installation

Our experts need to explain each single installation procedures on the spot. Therefore we recommend that you are at home upon the arrival of the installation team, and at the time of completing the work to review and confirm the completed work together with the foreman.

You have selected our quality windows – why not also select the correct type of installation?