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Methodology and results of the researches

Measurements on the effects of energy windows were performed by the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ljubljana, and by a private laboratory for plant cytogenetics. The results from the measurements and research have shown that energy windows have a positive impact on air and water within spaces and that, as such, they improve the well-being of people.

Reports on the research and development regarding our energy windows can be viewed on our website. If you have any questions or want to obtain additional information on our energy windows, do not hesitate to ask our specialists, who will be happy to deal with your questions.

Vili Poznik, inventor:
"A package containing 8–10,000 items of information was used when processing the information disc.  The most appropriate and compatible information items were selected."
Learn more about the development and operation of energy windows by reading the Report On MIK Info Cells.

Dr. Yuri Yatsko: "An important criterion of air quality in your room is the amount of negative ions in the air. The lack of negative ions causes several problems, inferior well-being, and reduces work efficiency. If all the negative ions were to be eliminated from its airspace then, for example, a mouse could not survive more than 5 minutes, and a human would only live a few minutes more. This would be the consequence of insufficient negative ions within those premises requiring ventilation or the use of electrical equipment to ionize the air. " Report on the Development and Operation of Energy Windows.

Prof. Peter Bukovec: "The results from measuring people’s energy status changes with the aid of GDV electrography, showed improvements in the energy parameters of tired people of up to 40 percent. The energy parameters of people who felt good before the measurements were performed, increased by as much as 15 percent."
For more information on our measurements’ results using the Kilian’s camera, please view the attached GDV Report on Electrography Regarding Energy Windows.

Peter Firbas, BSc Laboratory for Plant Cytogenetics: "Differences in the growth and development of the tested organisms, as well as cytogenetic studies of the tested organisms’ cells showed that energy windows improve personal environmental quality and positively influence our health, and the way we feel." For the full report please view Report on Allium cepa genotoxicity test.