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Energy Windows. The smart choice.

Energy disc containing information cell
Influence of energy windows on person A
Influence of energy windows on person B
The effect of MIK Energy Windows

The sun is the source of life, and everything that lives on our planet depends on its warm rays. Light and warmth are the main factors for sustaining life on our planet, without which our existence would be hard to imagine. Would you live in a room without windows? Most probably not. Windows are, therefore, an important aspect for our well-being. However, if your windows contain an additional element that contributes to a marked improvement in your well-being, its value can be inestimable.



Our company, by bearing in mind the importance of life’s quality, is constantly striving for further development. In cooperation with the recognized innovators Vili Poznik from Celje, Prof. Peter Bukovac, PhD from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, and the Russian scientist Yuri Yatsko, PhD, we have developed energy windows that will enrich the rooms you live and work in, by providing positive energy.

Energy windows are classically designed and thus can be of different shapes and sizes. They only differ from other window systems by the use of an attached energy-disc. This disc has an information cell within which an energy programme is encoded. Its function is to recuperate air and water within a room by returning to them those properties they would normally have within unpolluted nature. 

The MIK energy disc is encoded according to the original Poznik MOP technology. The information stored in this cell changes the chemical and physical properties of water and air within a room, which then has a beneficial effect on the wellbeing of people living therein.

These MIK energy discs are available in two versions: the circular MIK energy disc, with a diameter of 110 mm, suitable for attaching to the already-installed windows, or the rectangular MIK energy plate of 65 x 94 mm diameter, embedded between the glass layers of a window, which are only available within a special PVC window system – MIK energy windows.

Being full of energy and well-being at work or at home

Energy discs are recommended for use in all those rooms where we spend most of our time and where we are more active, respectively (offices, living rooms, children's rooms, hospital rooms, hotel rooms, ...). For optimal efficiency, each energy disc should be installed in a room no bigger than 25 m2.

Energy effects on tired people have proved to increase people’s well-being by up to 40 percent

How healthy is the personal-space around us can be observed and proved in several ways. The influence of energy windows on people and their immediate environment has been studied by:

  • measuring changes in a human’s energy status, and by
  • studying the cytogenetic cells of tested onions.


Results from measuring energy status changes in humans, carried out using GDV electrography (GDV= Gas Discharge Visualisation) and the Kirlian camera, respectively, as performed under the expert supervision of Prof. Peter Bukovac from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ljubljana, Slovenia, showing the energy parameters of tired people to have improved by up to 40 percent. The energy parameters of those people who felt good before the measurements were performed, increased by as much as 15 percent.

Cytogenetic studies of onion test cells  using the ALLIUM biological method, showed that the number of damaged onion cells exposed to the energy window was  up to 43 percent lower than those that were not. Due to the universality of the genetic code for living organisms, the results of these studies are transferable to humans, providing a very detailed picture of the quality of environmental space, confirming that energy windows improve environmental quality, thus positively influencing our well-being and health. Biological Allium tests were carried out by the biologist Peter Firbas, BSc at the Laboratory of Plant Cytogenetics in Domžale.

For more information on Energy windows, please peruse our leaflet or contact our specialists, who will be happy to advise and help you find a suitable solution for the glazing of your building.


The allium test