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Good windows are those windows with features that improve your quality of life. In order to make your living space pleasant, economical, and safe, select windows provide you with the following:

  • low heat loss,
  • quality and cost-effective ventilation,
  • noise prevention,
  • stability,
  • security,
  • easy maintenance,
  • a wide range of accessories (blinds, shelves, screens, handles, muntins, ...),
  • colour coordination blending with the external appearance and interior of your premises,
  • quality service and long-term guarantee.


Which windows to choose?

Advanced materials and technological processes enable the manufacture of quality windows, regardless of the basic material type. This is why PVC, wooden, WOOD-ALU or ALU windows have similar standards regarding sound and thermal insulation quality. When deciding which windows to choose, it is reassuring to know that it is the production quality and perfection along with the qualities of the basic materials that determine the characteristics of good windows. Each material offers its own characteristics to fulfill your wishes and requirements for the rooms within your home.

PVC WINDOWS can be customized by MIK in various types, forms, and dimensions according to your choice. MIK PVC windows are economical, durable, and easy to maintain. They are available in various colours, from basic white to a rich palette of glossy and highly resistant acrylic colours and various wooden decors. There are several PVC window systems, each having its own special features and advantages.

WOODEN WINDOWS are suitable for those who prefer natural materials. Wooden windows will provide your home with warmth and cosiness, bringing it closer to nature, yet still providing a high level of energy efficiency. Protected by thick layers of water-based glazes they create a pleasanter living atmosphere. If you want wooden windows and are concerned about maintenance such as annual painting, we recommend installing a combination of wooden windows with external aluminium cladding which greatly enlarges the stability, durability, and endurance of the windows’ outer parts, whilst the interior wooden part of the casement still maintains the warmth of your home.

ALU WINDOWS (aluminum windows) are suitable for the glazing of larger areas where the windows also function as a structural element. ALU windows are resistant, stable, and durable. They are available in a wide range of colours, and therefore suitable for modern buildings needing large glass surfaces. The durability and resistance of ALU windows are of crucial importance for greater durability, therefore they are recommend for unusual and difficult weather conditions as, for example, buildings on the coast, exposed to the influence of salt and moisture.

When deciding which windows to select, firstly check the manufacturers of windows themselves in regard to their production lines, suppliers, availability of customer services, and guarantees of product quality. Only through thoughtful choice, quality installation, and regular maintenance will you ensure your windows serve their purpose, and will protect your premises over many years.

Need quality windows? Then select MIK windows!

MIK boasts a 10-year tradition with a fully-automated, computerized production line that avoids errors and ensures accuracy and an identical construction of each joint. This means, for example, that all products from the first to the 10,000th, are exactly the same.

Our production line and own development, together with carefully selected and regularly checked suppliers enable us to be completely flexible. This guarantees high quality solutions when glazing your home according to your wishes, and the specifics of your architectural design.

The selected windows must be correctly and expertly installed. In addition to conventional installation, MIK also installs its windows using advanced ECO installation or energy saving MIK RAL installation. Our MIK window installation experts are aware of the importance of personal satisfaction and how your daily life can be disrupt during construction. We will do our best to ensure that your windows are replaced or installed as quickly and efficiently as possible with the least amount of disruption.

MIK high quality windows in different materials

Your everyday habits and desires have to be taken into account during the planning phase in order for you to enjoy the benefits of a quality life-style. This is done by blending them into the environmental features of your locality, bearing in mind any technical limitations regarding construction.

MIK provides you with quality windows, regardless of the type of material:

We provide an effective customer service.
Should you happen to encounter difficulties when using our windows, doors, or conservatories, our customer service will provide a swift and professional response. Upon request our customer service professionals can instigate regular inspections and maintenance of our installed products.

MIK team of experienced professionals will help you to select the most suitable windows.

MIK offers comprehensive investment, energy and aesthetic solutions, different materials (PVC, wood, aluminium), various colours, types and forms of glazing. You can request our Energy Efficieny Center consultants to visit your premises. They will be happy to help you choose the most suitable material, colour, type, and form of windows for your home in order to maintain warmth within a financially favourable manner. Based on the diagnostics of your home they will help you select glazing that will ensure economical and healthy living.