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Investments, Real estate


More than 95% of our customers have expressed extreme satisfaction with IE2 (that is investment, energy and aesthetics) solutions. Most of our professional team’s members have 20 years or more experience within the area of constructing and installing windows and doors. We cooperate with reliable partners throughout our construction industry, and our Managing Director is also a qualified architect. This has enabled us to incorporate our vision with your wishes when constructing those buildings that will become your homes, tourist accommodation, or shopping malls.

Golden age city - Zagreb

Company MIK, d.o.o. has at disposal a building plot in the suburbs of Zagreb with all the necessary permits for the construction of a gerontology centre. The company has decided to produce and offer the infrastructure to the potential long-term tenant or buyer of the complex.

For the realization of the project, the company MIK has associated with
key decision-makers in the field of long-term care in Croatia. Conditions in Croatia and nearby markets were examined thoroughly through an exhaustive justification study prepared by leading Slovenian experts from this field.

Read more about the project here.


The ‘Vojniška gmajna’ living complex is situated within an attractive natural environment in the centre of Vojnik, close to other facilities. These buildings offer spaces that are cosy but economical, as they are the best examples of energy-saving construction within our area. The materials used are environmentally-friendly and, as a result of good planning, the apartments and the whole estate, are perfectly functional.  

POHORSKA LIVADA – Within the Embraces of Nature

At the foot of the Pohorje hills, near Maribor, Slovenia, our company and its partners are currently constructing a luxurious European holiday complex, the main feature of which is its indoor tropical beach. This complex also offers a high category of accommodation and sports facilities, including ice skating, roller skating rinks, and climbing-walls.

RONDO C4 Shopping Mall – My Shopping Universe

Rondo C4 – this 12,000 m2 shopping mall will house several major shopping chains and retail outlets offering major brands. There will also be space for some public services.

MIK ADMINISTRATION BUILDING – An Innovatively-Built Centre

Our company’s vision includes the future construction of our new modern administrative building that will incorporate the latest achievements in construction technology and intelligent monitoring systems.