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Energy Efficiency

MIK Energy Efficiency Center: provides energy-efficient solutions for old and new buildings

Nowadays the restoration or renovation of a building does not only mean an extension of its life expectancy, but also improves the quality of life within it which, of course, also includes the energy efficiency of the building. Poor planning and execution of renovation work may also affect the quality of your property. It could deteriorate its quality or even prevent your occupancy. Only good planning and coordination of individual stages, together with good work performance, can achieve the expected results and savings, and improve the quality of life within your property. We want to provide our customers with comprehensive quality solutions. The experts at our Energy Efficiency Center offer professional support and solutions for either the restoration or new construction of your property, ultimately providing you with a cosy and energy-efficient home.

How to create an energy-efficient home?

Within a home or building, the greatest heat losses occur through windows and doors, partly due to glazing and poor installation, followed by losses through non-insulated attics, facades and, what is very important and often neglected, also through non-insulated building foundations. Significant losses are also represented by oversized heating systems with manual regulation control.

We can prepare specific solutions for the effective restoration of old buildings or the construction of new ones. This is based on our Building analysis, including all those factors that affect the energy balance throughout the building, Energy shots (thermovision), and Energy Consumption analysis. After the restoration work has been completed, as per your request, we can also issue our Energy Performance Certificate, which provides you with the relevant information about the energy efficiency of your home.

1. Building condition analysis:

  • Analysis of energy consumption for the heating, cooling, and ventilation of the building
  • Analysis of electrical energy consumption
  • Analysis of heat loss throughout the building envelope (foundations, roof, facade)
  • Thermovision of windows, doors, and winter gardens.

2. Report on the building’s status:

  • Preparing a report on the building’s status before renovation, containing relevant data on heat loss.

3. Building improvement - renovation plan:

  • A renovation plan, focusing on windows and doors, is prepared on the basis of a performed relevant state analysis, the location's architectural regulations and the construction of the building, together with a calculation of energy savings achieved when respecting our given proposal.


High-quality products contribute to high-quality renovation

Within the scope of our Energy Saving Advice Clinic, we do not only advise on how to effectively restore your home, but also develop, test, and compare our products - windows, doors, winter gardens, glass facades, and types of installation, thus providing you with truly high-quality solutions for energy efficient glazing. Comparisons of different systems provide you with a realistic projection of the amount of investment required, and the amount of savings that would be provided by our effective restoration of your home.

For all questions regarding renovation or new construction, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.